Cinematch Movie App


  • March 2019

Have you ever caught a glimpse of a screen and wondered, "what movie is that?". Cinematch is an app and social service envisioned to connect people and the films they love. Enabled with the ability to capture a few seconds of video and match it with it's source film/tv show, the app would then take the user to an About page. The user would be able to learn more about the film, as well as see which of their "friends" had matched the movie. The app would come with a profile option, where users could enter in their film preferences and be offered suggestions. Users could view which movies were the most popular in their region with a map feature, as well as be linked to the project's Wikipedia or Rotten Tomato page.

This project was created in collaboration with:
Jess Spaude, Andrew Louzi, Annie Phan, and Kengi Ng. Each asset as been identified with it's proper author.